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On July 23, the American Printing Technology Foundation (GATF) announced the results of the 2001 GATF international printing awards. Among the 38 new and advanced printing technologies nominated, 9 technical products stood out and won this award. The nine technical products, in English order of the name of the development company, are respectively:

digimarc's "media bridge" solution

developed and produced by digimarc of the United States. The mediabridge solution is a suite of software tools. Using this solution, printers and publishers can add a unique and imperceptible digital watermark to the printing medium. When placed in front of some web cameras or other image capture devices activated by the "media bridge" software, the watermark media can instantly provide readers with relevant information, application software and purchase opportunities through the built-in browser of the "media bridge" software. The selection committee commented that it "created an effective way for thoughtful researchers to open up and prolong the service life of printed materials; in today's Internet era, it has improved the value of printed materials."


is produced by Heidelberg company. Ecocool is the first mock exam system to integrate drying and cooling parts into a single module. The innovative structure improves printing quality by eliminating printing deformation. At the same time, the design not only reduces the space requirements of the rotary offset press (the length can be reduced by nearly 11.5 feet), but also improves the power of the rotary press. The selection committee commented that "this design improves the work efficiency and, more importantly, eliminates the deformation of the traditional system. The final result is to improve the printing quality and productivity."

supertrap/supertrap plus

released by Heidelberg. Supertrap is pdf1 for the local computer The first acrobat 4.0 + plug-in for hierarchical processing of 3 files. It allows users to establish their own PDF workflow of standard components. It provides fully interactive layering and some automatic layering functions, which are particularly useful when layering multi page documents. Since each layer is treated as a unique vector object layer, the results of each layer can be separate, and similar layers can also be processed at the same time (size, direction, color, etc.). Supertrapplus adds the layer building function through special angles and the current layer under visual and interactive control. The jury commented that "it operates quickly and accurately. More importantly, it promotes the development of PDF standard workflow."

imation mat this year and next, the central government will spend a total of 100 billion yuan on chprinttm professional server

developed and produced by imation company in the United States. Matchprint professional server is a digital front-end, or a hardware rip. In the initial stage of product research and production, it relies on imation's color technology to output products quickly, accurately and harmoniously. The server has built-in patented agile color matching module, which can analyze ICC source files and target files for an accurate simulated target color. The server is used together with Xerox docucolor 12. It is the only printing/copying machine certified by swop, and has obtained the license agreement from Pantone to provide the most suitable simulated spot color. The jury explained that "imation's matchprint professional server provides remote proofing to end users by using special consumables and special printing methods."


is released by CIP4 in Switzerland. JDF (job definition format) is a comprehensive industry standard file format based on XML. As an open standard, it is helpful for printing buyers and printing service providers to simplify the workflow and make the connection between prepress, printing and post press processing more convenient. The jury commented: "we are very pleased to see such a complete achievement of an international industrial cooperation organization, which will eventually save costs and improve productivity."


is researched and manufactured by German MAN Roland company. DICOweb is a fully digital rotary offset press. Its technical core is to image and eliminate the image on the machine. The laser pixels are emitted by the infrared laser head, hit the heat transfer belt, and solidify the image on the embossing drum without printing plate. The post press processing part is also included in the printer and controlled by console software. "DICOweb gives rotary printers the ability to adapt to the future." The jury highly commented that in addition, some judges believed that "DICOweb is a real innovation, creating the future of automatic printing."


was developed by markzware. With the help of the high-speed and convenient performance of the Internet, markznet completes the initial work, collection, compression, transmission and other work on the Internet, provides real-time and accurate information for printers and their customers to determine, solves document problems and transmits them on the Internet in a simple and effective way. Markznet has a receiving controller at the sending terminal, which can reject and correct low-standard documents without wasting time and transmitting broadband. "It is very useful for designers because it is very close to users and provides immediate feedback and instructions to correct file errors. It is noteworthy that it reduces the number of wrong files submitted to printers and reduces conversion time."

digi stitch (R) 2000

developed and produced by American OC é printing system company. Digi stitch (R) 2000 is a part of the whole book binding, which provides a complete solution for the print binding of today's high-speed digital continuous monochrome rotary printing press. It can automatically change the thickness of books without stopping the front-end printing process. In this way, it provides an on-demand book binding solution to accommodate different ranges of book lengths. The jury commented that "it can bind paper of different thickness and weight. It is noteworthy that digi stitch has improved the appearance of digital printing and publication binding."

profiretm imaging technology, dimension CTP system and Anthem thermal version

were developed by pressek, UK. Profire thermal imaging technology is applicable to di printing press and dimension series CTP system of pressek company. The reliability, versatility, high speed and quality of dimension series meet the requirements of printer's investment in CTP. The automatic control key reduces the time of prepress process, and multiple processes work at the same time, which improves the productivity. Anthem shows excellent printing performance. After imaging, it only needs simple cleaning with water without baking and chemical treatment. Profire, dimension and Anthem plate were nominated respectively, but GATF awarded them an international award. As a judge commented: "pressek has developed three very innovative and perfect technologies, when these three 4) shortcomings or damages caused by incorrect testing, operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment; the technology is integrated in one system (such as dimension plate making machine) The result will be a simple and easy to operate system with high resolution and fast imaging without chemical treatment, and the price can be borne by any printer. "

on October 27, GATF/PIA held an executive meeting in Florida and presented this year's international printing awards

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