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Development Guide for "spare tire" of carton factory: you are only a little closer to Huawei

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core tip: it is inevitable that the year of 2019 is not as good as in the past. Affected by factors such as shrinking demand and fluctuations in raw material prices, the price of packaging paper industry generally shows a downward trend, and the profit is compressed. The situation in Dongguan Zhongtang town paper factory may better illustrate the seriousness of the situation: in order to save their own startup costs, the local downstream carton factory handed over the orders to one factory for production

[China Packaging News] for carton factories, there is cooperation, and infighting and mutual price reduction have long been absent. However, the current situation is so serious that it is a burden to start production, but it has never been. Does the carton factory really have no chance? No, a person can be destroyed, but not defeated. The same is true of industry

the consumption awakening of 200 million people is the new blue ocean era of the packaging industry

first of all, we should "draw a cake" here and draw a picture of the size of the cake in China's demand market, that is, the end customers of the carton factory

with the release of the financial reports of Alibaba, and pinduoduo, many people have noticed the rise of consumption in China

from the data, pinduoduo's revenue, the number of active buyers and Gmv have maintained rapid growth, and the momentum of catching up is aggressive; made a beautiful turnaround in financial data in the first quarter. As of March 31, 2019, the number of active users of in the past 12 months was 310.5 million; Ali's giant and non large are mostly cooled by water or a combination of two situations; Screw cooling mainly adopts central water cooling, and its position can not be shaken. What's more terrible is that it still maintains a high-speed growth of 51%

from Taobao to, and then to pinduoduo, the terminal consumption and retail industry have been evolving constantly. The driving force behind the opportunity of spray free, thin-walled and modular plastics is the growth of domestic demand consumer market. In 2018, China's total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 9%, higher than the growth rate of GDP, reaching 38.1 trillion. If nothing happens, this number will surpass that of the United States in 2019

as China continues to urbanize, driven by the consumption awakening of 200 million new urban population, China will become the largest consumer market in the world. At a time when China US trade disputes are intensifying and the export market is beginning to show haze, this is the opportunity for the packaging industry and the next market blue ocean for the majority of carton factories

it's time to awaken the awareness of the "spare tire" of the carton factory

back to the subject, why do you say it's "painting cakes" on it? The answer is very simple. The packaging industry is a service industry, which is attached to the existing status of the manufacturing industry. To some extent, it is almost impossible for the packaging industry to drive consumption behavior

How can we start such a beautiful looking market? Let's take a look at Huawei's experience during this period

on May 15, trump announced that the United States had entered a state of national emergency, requiring American enterprises "not to use telecommunications equipment produced by enterprises that pose a threat to national security". The spearhead points directly at Huawei! On May 17, the second day after the United States announced a complete ban on Huawei. An open letter from the president of Huawei Hisilicon announced an exciting news: all backup chips in the security cabinet will be regularized

as the saying goes, "if you are prepared, you will stand up, and if you are not prepared, you will give up". Huawei's textbook response has undoubtedly taught other Chinese enterprises a good lesson - making a good spare tire has great prospects

with the surging of the paper industry, it is imperative to start the "spare tire" plan for carton owners in the packaging paper industry

a reliable development guide for spare tire of carton factory

in the daily process of developing new customers, which carton owner has no experience of "spare tire" for customers? There is little cooperation with you when you meet a customer for the first time. If you do your business for the first time, it will take some time to train this customer to do it. Therefore, this is the beginning of the fate of selling "spare tire"

there is no need for moral kidnapping when making a "spare tire", but to consider whether it is necessary to be a "spare tire" for this customer and work hard

is your spare tire valuable? First of all, we need to consider whether it is worthwhile for you to be the customer of his spare tire? You can judge according to the characteristics of your products, the market where customers are and the advantages and disadvantages of customers. Comprehensively measure whether your "spare tire" is worth it through customers, markets, products and other aspects

there may be countless spare tires in the list of customers. If you think this customer is really worth it, you must find an "excuse" from time to time. It is often said that we must send blessings to customers during festivals. When we have new equipment, we must not forget to send introductions to customers. When we sign a big brand, we must share it with customers, so that customers can reduce 0.94 PCT month on month at any time, understand your dynamics, and be as good as the strength of your products and company

customers have a process of understanding any enterprise and product. Only after fully understanding the enterprise culture and products can they have a better desire for cooperation. So many times, the process of customer development is the process of turning "spare tire" into "tire". The key is whether you can play the role of "spare tire". Carton man, do you understand

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