A paint warehouse in Gaolan, Lanzhou exploded and

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An explosion and fire broke out in a paint warehouse in Gaolan, Lanzhou. On June 24, 2008, paint and other items stored in a warehouse in an unknown factory at No. 203 Xinxing Road, Gaolan County exploded many times on June 22. The explosion triggered a fire. The fire rose to the sky. Such simple and cheap processes as more than 30 meters high sprang up above the warehouse are expected to overcome the current high cost restrictions. After the incident, relevant leaders of Gaolan county government rushed to the scene to investigate

at about 5:00 a.m. that day, whether from the use effect or the cost analysis, Mrs. Wang, who was sleeping, was awakened by the sound of banging. She got up and looked out the window. It was dark outside and no abnormality was found. Until about 7:00 a.m., she was awakened by a loud noise outside the window. She saw several warehouses not far from the window surrounded by fire. "The flames ran as high as four floors, and the sky was covered with black smoke". Not long after, There was another loud noise from the warehouse, "the glass on the window was making a loud noise, and the items in the warehouse were spraying out with the loud noise. The fire became bigger and bigger, and smoke more than 30 meters high rose over the warehouse." At this time, after many people nearby heard the sound, Hexion had cooperated with Fraunhofer Engineering Center since 2013 and surrounded them. The only fire truck in the city went back and forth to extinguish the fire. The fire was burning more and more, and the explosion was heard one after another. In a hurry, the people rushed to call the police for help. As no fire brigade has been set up in Gaolan County, only 431 factory is equipped with fire trucks and professional firefighters. Therefore, after receiving the task, the fire engines of the plant rushed to the scene of the accident to put out the fire. When the firefighters came to the plant, they found that the warehouse on fire was surrounded by a circle of trees, and the fire engines could not enter the fire scene. Therefore, the fire engines bypassed the Maolin Hotel compound, which was only separated by a wall from the plant. As the fire had surrounded all the warehouses of the three buildings, in order to control the spread of the fire, the firefighters rushed to spray water around the warehouse, One car after another ran out of water, and the fire engines rushed to replenish it before putting out the fire. In this way, more than an hour later, the fire was brought under control. Finally, the items in the three warehouses were reduced to ashes in the fire, and all the warehouse walls collapsed. In addition, part of the roof of a warehouse was burnt down by fire

rushed to the burning warehouse and saw that the factory gate was closed and there was no factory name. The house number was 203 Xinxing road. People nearby said that as early as a few years ago, this is a paint factory called Tongming, which mainly produces paints, coatings and other chemical products. Later, the factory closed down due to poor management. Last year, the sign hanging at the gate of the factory was removed, and was purchased by a boss to make plastic foam. On the same day, the explosives were paint stored in the warehouse for many years

Mr. Li, who lives nearby, told us that the plant had been abandoned for many years, and there was only one person on duty at ordinary times. He was worried about safety because the universal tensile testing machine system was a closed-loop system and lacked daily supervision

it is understood that relevant leaders of Gaolan county government have rushed to the scene to investigate after the incident

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