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Briefly describe the real meaning of web printing

Web to print is developed with e-commerce. It was once defined as a commercial prepress process that can connect digital content with commercial printing production. Electronic technology has provided more energy for the sales, procurement and production saving processes of printed materials, and changed the order of the printing value chain that has long been formed. In addition, the successful application of e-commerce in business cards, stationery, promotional materials, direct mail, books and periodicals and other printing fields has also brought us a lot of surprises. Through the integrated system, the printing buyer can directly obtain the printing catalogue, place printing orders, view samples, and add orders and payments. Infotre takes the rapid rise of Internet ordering as an example. NDS recently released a survey report entitled "electronic startup: the future of printing and other industries" and introduced the latest progress made by many software suppliers. If you notice the latest statistics in the market and have the opportunity to take a look at major exhibitions, you will find that online printing is no longer a simple online printing, but has evolved into a more powerful service. Today's networking function has penetrated into all fields from order placement to live parts tracking to networking multi-channel marketing. Therefore, I want to let you realize through this article that the current network printing has evolved into a multi-channel network service

statistics InfoTrends' recently released survey report shows that 66.5% of printing buyers are using web printing services provided by internal or external suppliers, compared with 11% in the 2000 survey. In addition, nearly 50% of printing service providers can provide web printing services for customers, and a third of suppliers intend to increase such services in the next two years, which is a significant improvement over the situation that only 5% of printing enterprises owned web printing solutions in 2000. According to the printing buyers, 15% of their printing activities are completed through online printing; Printing service providers report that online printing orders account for 20% of all orders they receive. These printing service providers also predict that by 2011, they will get nearly half of the orders through the Internet, which also reflects that the market is accelerating the adoption of printing e-commerce services

from the current situation, the biggest change is the definition of web printing. We once conducted a survey on people in 2000, and the results showed that most people believed that online services were carried out around the concept of stores. This concept involves a wide range of functions, including live parts ordering, live parts submission, live parts tracking and coordination of all parts of the value chain. In the following days, the concept of e-commerce services has become more mature and the functions covered have become richer. Printing service function providers extend the concept of e-commerce to all services related to interconnection, such as: placing live orders and production instructions, live tracking, customized storefront, document and template customization, multi-channel marketing activity management, digital asset management, inventory control and integration with production workflow. In today's market, the concept of web printing has undergone earth shaking changes. The zigzag experimental machines of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. are equipped with the use that it is easy to produce the reduction of interpretation under the action of ultraviolet light. Based on its powerful function and extensive connotation, we can call this service multi-channel web service

at all stages of the procurement cycle (from finding supplier information to order tracking), print buyers have become increasingly dependent on the Internet. In fact, more than 20% of the respondents claimed that all one-to-one marketing services they received came from the Internet. From the perspective of printing service providers, powerful electronic solutions have obviously occupied the dominant position in the market. For those suppliers who have been able to provide printing e-commerce services for customers, what needs to be changed most at present is the way they communicate with customers. According to these respondents, they can provide customers with all kinds of online services from online stores to tracking response rate. 60% of the respondents said that they have been able or will provide personalized services for their customers. 23% of the respondents said they have the ability to provide customers with multi-channel services, and 25% of the respondents said they would introduce such services in the next two years

there is no doubt that printing service providers can obtain great benefits through printing e-commerce services. More than 60% of the respondents claimed that these services improved their business conditions, and another 54% of the respondents said that printing e-commerce solutions helped them improve their enterprise profits (an average increase of more than 7%). In addition, nearly a quarter of the respondents said that printing e-commerce services increased their turnover by more than 10 percentage points, far higher than the average growth level of the printing industry

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with the increasing popularity of e-commerce solutions, especially in the smooth development of printing service providers and enterprise environments, the suppliers of these solutions have also been given more opportunities. Many suppliers have put their main energy into the printing service provider market. They can expand their market scope by strengthening customer training (letting customers understand the benefits of using e-commerce solutions)

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