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On August 6, China Plastics spot ABS market brief

China Plastics price index fell 2.08 points to 1322.93 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 0.13 points to 1349.38 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by $2.24 per barrel to $119.17 per barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell by $2.98 per barrel to $117.7 per barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

styrene FOB South Korea closed at US $20, affected by the straight-line decline of naphtha and pure benzene; C growth enterprise fr China closed down $11.25, affected by domestic sluggish demand. During the trading day, naphtha CFR Japan closed down $55/ton, and pure benzene FOB South Korea closed down $33. Opening in the morning market, an offer for any goods in September opened low at $1515/ton FOB Korea, and the corresponding inquiry was $1495. After that, with the weakness of the upstream raw material market, the offer continued to fall. At the close of trading, a single shipment of goods in September was concluded at US $1505/ton FOB South Korea. CFR East China main port, any goods offer in September is 1528 US dollars/ton, but there is no corresponding inquiry. At present, the intention of domestic buyers is only 1500 US dollars/ton. In the downstream, the EPS market continued to decline, and many manufacturers reduced their burdens. So far, the average operating rate of four sets of EPS units of Longwang group is% and that of Wuxi Xingda unit is only 50%. The import and export volume of all kinds of paper in China accounts for no more than 20% of the domestic market. The mainstream negotiation in Jiangsu is 11750 yuan/ton, and the negotiation range in South China is yuan/ton

US styrene closed 74 50 cents/pound, about US dollars/ton, down 0.25 cents, about US $5.5. Although the upstream raw material market weakened, it was rumored that there was negotiation at the level of 75.50 cents

affected by the weakness of Europe and the United States and the decline of western crude oil futures, the Asian pure benzene market plummeted by $33/ton on Tuesday, and FOB South Korea closed at 1238 50 dollars/ton, Southeast Asia closed at 1225 00 USD/ton. In the morning market, pure benzene shipped in September was offered at $1235/mt and $1262/mtfob respectively. In the trading area, the seller's offer was reduced to $1244/mt, and the buyer was still absent. After the closing, the shipment transaction in September was $1240/mt FOB, and the trading parties were CML and INTERCHEM. A market economy, especially by promoting the developers of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, said that there was still room for decline in the Asian pure benzene market. The monthly export volume of the regional market to the United States should be 50, 000 Mt. when the Asian pure benzene fell to the level of $1200/mt, the Asia United States harbor arbitrage window could be opened

III. local market conditions:

the quotation of Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS has stabilized. The D180 refers to the ex factory quotation of 16600 yuan/ton, and the D190 refers to the ex factory quotation of 16500 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is slightly lower. Recent sales are average, and inventory is slightly high. The operating rate of the unit is 50%

after the ABS price of Panjin Ethylene was reduced by 400 yuan/ton yesterday, the goods were generally released in the afternoon. The price of ch510 is 15800 yuan/ton, and the contract price is low yuan/ton. The unit has been shut down for maintenance since August 1, and the manufacturer said that the start-up time was as early as early September

Ningbo LG Yongxing ABS still has no clear offer. The plastic packaging material enterprises in the market can make further improvement and improvement by making reference to the following aspects: the interest said that its RMB reference ex factory price was 16600 yuan/ton, and the US dollar quotation was 2150 dollars/ton. Sales resistance is high, and inventory is high. The operating rate of the unit is about 50%. The quoted price of 121h in Yuyao market is about 16600 yuan/ton

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