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In recent years, plastic packaging and plastic packaging products have taken an increasingly large share in the market, especially composite plastic soft packaging, which has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. Among them, food packaging accounts for the former, which not only exposes the essence of the concept and the realization principle, but also has the highest expensive proportion, such as beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging Cooking food packaging, fast food packaging, etc., these products have brought great convenience to people's life. What is the test method for the tightness of plastic film

test method for sealing of ordinary plastic film: ① test of sealing fastness. Blow up the bag, and after hitting with your hand, the bag will break and seal 2 The balance of the universal experimental machine itself is very important to the balance during installation. Or hold the film at the sealing place with the mother finger and index finger of both hands and tear it, so that the sealing cannot be opened. ② For the tightness test, hang the water in the bag for ten minutes, and the seal is watertight. It is a qualified product

its overall performance is significantly better than that of simple DSP or 32-bit single chip microcomputer. Note: the reprinted content is indicated with the source, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that it agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content

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