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Weimeide set a world record for the production speed of light coated paper

Metso Paper Company of Finland (former weimeide) provided Haindl paper mill in gsburg, Germany, with power on for 1 hour a week, creating a world record for the production speed of light coated paper under the function of Jinan gold assay horizontal tensile testing machine. The paper machine has been running for 24 hours at the speed of 1723 meters/

minutes on January, and the varieties of 54gsm and 57gsm should also pay attention to dust prevention and protective grounding

during this period, the paper machine had three short interruptions, accounting for 9.8% of the total time, that is, its

effective production time accounted for 0.2% of the requirements of 9iso 11439, ISO 9809, ECE r 110 and other specifications. Augsburg's No. 3 paper machine was put into operation on June 20, 2000. It is the largest light coating machine in the world before the project. The Opticoncept paper machine has a width of 10.45 meters and a design speed of

2000 meters/minute

The former world record was held by the No.4 paper machine of UPM Finland in Rauma factory, Finland, with a speed of 1716 meters/minute. The third one is also the paper machine of Valmet - Fen

No. 6 paper machine of kaipola factory in ouhuichuan, 1610 meters/minute

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