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Common terms and definitions of bearings (II)

14 Closed bearing capped bearing

rolling bearing with one or two sealing rings, one or two dust covers, one sealing ring and one dust cover, which simultaneously adopt low-cost and low-performance movable materials to ensure the freedom of shape

15. Prelubricated bearing

rolling bearings that have been filled with lubricant by the manufacturer

16. Instrument precision bearing INS is known as the special rolling bearing for instrument precision bearing

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17. Matched bearing

rolling bearings matched into a pair or group

(II) radial bearing

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2. Radial contact bearing radial contact bearing

radial contact bearing with a nominal contact angle of 0

3. Angular contact radial bearing

radial rolling bearing with nominal contact angle greater than 0 to 45

4. Outer spherical bearing insert bearing

centripetal rolling bearing with outer spherical surface and wide inner ring with locking parts. It is mainly used for simple shells

5. Tapered bore bearing

centripetal rolling bearing with tapered bore on the inner ring

6. Flange bearing

on one of its rings, it is generally a centripetal rolling bearing with outer diameter flange on the outer ring or conical outer ring

7. Track roller (rolling bearing)

centripetal rolling bearings with thick section outer rings roll on guide rails as wheels, such as cam guide rails

8. Yoke type track roller (rolling bearing)

roller bearing with a pair of flat retaining rings

93. Spindle speed: 40 r/min-200 r/min (stepless adjustable) Universal matching bearing

when one or more sets of the same radial rolling bearings are selected to be used together, the characteristics specified by the pre paired or group installation can be obtained

(III) thrust bearings

1. Thrust bearing is mainly used for rolling bearings bearing axial load. Its nominal contact angle is greater than 45 to 90. Its basic parts are shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element with or without cage

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