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Common sense related to air switches and circuit breakers in distribution boxes

1. Distribution boxes for strong current lines

generally, new building distribution boxes and circuit shunting developers should be done well, while the original power lines of old houses are relatively thin, and the original socket circuits may not have grounding wires, which does not meet the safety standards for electricity use. Now most old building circuits in Beijing have been increased in capacity, but they are only at home, and all unqualified indoor lines must be replaced, And the distribution box should be reinstalled

there are two kinds of distribution boxes, open installation and concealed installation. Open installation is directly nailed to the wall, and the incoming and outgoing wires are also exposed pipes. The concealed distribution box is lying inside the wall, and the incoming wires are also buried in the dark. The distribution box is generally installed at a place within reach, which can be opened and closed at any time to repair the line, but the position should not be too obvious as far as possible. It can be covered by a decorative cover, with various styles of distribution box decorative paintings on it. The size of the distribution box is determined by the number of shunt air switches

2. Air switch of strong current distribution box

the previous household fuse has now been replaced by automatic air circuit breaker (also known as air switch, referred to as air switch). The air switch is generally installed in the distribution box at the entrance. When the line or household appliances are short circuited or overloaded, it can automatically trip and cut off the power supply to protect the circuit and appliances

household air switches can be divided into unipolar and bipolar (single open and double open). Unipolar accounts for one circuit in the distribution box and bipolar accounts for two circuits in the distribution box. Generally speaking, the main switch, that is, the main switch, uses two poles. The switch controls the fire line and zero line at the same time. The rest of the shunt air switches basically use one pole. The switch must be connected to the fire line. The two poles of the switch are fire lines, and the zero line is connected to the terminal strip without passing through the air switch

the air switch can only protect against overload, but it has no leakage protection function. If necessary, the leakage company can install a flashlight protector. The monopole air switch plus leakage protection occupies two circuits in the distribution box. The electric protector can truly protect personal safety only if it trips before there is no electricity, so it must be combined with a well grounded ground wire. The air switch with leakage protector should always check whether the leakage protector is effective. Generally, press the detection button on it every month. If it can be disconnected immediately, it is effective, otherwise it should be replaced

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the above figure shows the air switch

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the figure above shows the leakage protector

it is important to correctly select the rated capacity current. It should be noted that the nominal value of the air switch depends on the use of electrical appliances and the size of wires in the future, and it should not be too large or too small. If the rated current of the air switch is selected too small, it is easy to trip frequently, causing unnecessary power cuts, and if it is selected too large, the expected protection effect cannot be achieved

common models and specifications of air switches used in home decoration include C10, C15, C20, C25, C32, etc. generally, C32 is the best choice for installing 6000W speed thermoelectric water heaters, and larger air switches and separate circuits are required for installing 7000w-8500w electric water heaters, so high-power speed thermoelectric water heaters cannot be used in ordinary old houses

3. Shunt of strong current distribution box

branch circuit refers to several power supply lines led from the distribution box. The number of branch power supply circuits is generally determined according to the size of the housing area, which is used for power supply of electrical equipment sockets. The air conditioning power sockets, power sockets and lighting of each house should be designed in shunt. Generally, the circuit in the house should have at least these three circuits. Generally, the residence should have at least five branch power supply circuits, generally one for lighting, one for power socket, one for kitchen and bathroom, and two for air conditioning

the more branch circuits, the higher the degree of safety. It can provide circuits for lighting, sockets, air conditioners in different rooms and different appliances in kitchen and bathroom respectively, so that if one kind of appliance fails, the appliances in other rooms will not be affected. If there are too few branch circuits, it will bring inconvenience and potential safety hazards to power consumption. For example, when a branch circuit line breaks down for maintenance, it will lead to power failure in other parts of the house. In addition, too few circuits will make the electrical appliances on each circuit more concentrated and interfere with each other, causing damage to more sensitive electronic devices such as home computers

in order to save the decoration cost, the lines that can be used by the original lines can be directly connected to the distribution box without being removed and used as a socket line or lighting line separately. The newly added circuits should also be wired separately from the distribution box to reduce the power load of all circuits. Calculate the current, calculate the power consumption of each circuit, and avoid causing excessive load of a single circuit, causing tripping or unfair wear on the surface of some parts Scratch and burn out the main power switch

take the shunting of 20a watt hour meter with an area of 6 square meters in my old house as an example (the main switch of the distribution box can't exceed the main switch outside, and the maximum can only be 20a). Let's talk about the shunting of the distribution box. The distribution of the distribution box is 12 way concealed installation, as shown in the following figure. In addition to the main switch of the incoming line, there are six ways in total, one for lighting, one for kitchen, one for bathroom, one for bedroom socket, and two for air conditioning

(1) main switch of distribution box: double open 40A air switch without leakage protection, accounting for two circuits of distribution box

(2) lighting line circuit: use single 10A air switch without leakage protection, accounting for one circuit of the distribution box

(3) kitchen socket circuit: use single 20A air switch with leakage protection, accounting for two circuits of the distribution box

(4) toilet socket circuit: use single 16A or 20A air switch with leakage protection, accounting for two circuits of the distribution box

(5) bedroom socket circuit: use single 16A air switch with leakage protection, accounting for two circuits of the distribution box

(6) air conditioning socket circuit 2-way: use single 20A air switch without leakage protection (each occupying one way), occupying two ways of distribution box

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in this way, the upper shunt has occupied 11 channels of the distribution box, and there is still one space left in the 12 channel distribution box. Note: single circuit air conditioners can be equipped with two small hanging UPS, cabinet machines, electric speed water heaters and other high-power appliances, and large cross-section circuits should be set separately. Also, it's best to install surge protectors in the distribution box. I didn't install them at home. If I install a 12 way distribution box, it's not enough. Later, we will introduce a branch in detail

4. The main switch of household distribution box

the main switch of distribution box is generally square household line, with double open 20A air switch without leakage protection. Leakage is not required because there is leakage protection on the branch circuit, which only needs to control all power cuts at home. The main switch must be double open, single open only the live line, continuous zero line, and sometimes the circuit of zero line may also be charged

5. Lighting line shunting

the lighting line circuit uses 1.5 or 2.5 square wires, and uses a single open 10A air switch without leakage protection. A single open can only enter one line of live wire, and the double open two lines are easy to zero and the live wire is connected inversely. Generally, 1.5 square meters are used for lighting line circuits. Now, 2.5 square meters are used more, because it doesn't cost much

there are few changes to the lighting line circuit of the new building. At most, the switch is moved. Some have to be changed to double control and double open. In fact, if you want to remotely control the switch, you can also install a remote control switch. If the original lighting line of the old house is of good quality, there is no need to replace it. For example, it is generally to replace the old line pipe with a new line, because most of the lighting lines are in the ceiling, so it is not good to re slot

6. Outlet line shunting

the kitchen circuit is a 4-square line, with a single 20A air switch with leakage protection. The kitchen and bathroom power socket should be equipped with a separate large cross-section circuit, generally using a 4-square line. Now there are many kitchen appliances, such as microwave ovens, rice cookers, electromagnetic cookers, electric ovens and other high-power appliances. 1 Overview of double head grinding machine: for the safety of electrical appliances, one or even two circuits with large cross-section should be set separately. If there are many electrical appliances, it is more suitable to open 15A air switch with leakage protection in two ways

the toilet circuit is 2.5 square meters or 4 square meters of wires, with a single 15A or 20A air switch with leakage protection. According to the actual power consumption of the toilet, if there is not much electricity (such as gas water heater), 2.5 square wires can be used, and 10A or 15A air switch with leakage protection can be used. If there are multiple high-power appliances, such as Yuba, electric water heater, etc., a larger electrical load circuit must be selected. Damp proof switches and safety sockets should be used in toilets

the ordinary socket circuit in the room uses 2.5 square wires, with single 10A or 15A air switch with leakage protection. In addition to computers and televisions, the sockets in bedrooms, study rooms and hallways may use electromagnetic cookers or hot pots in restaurants. Generally, there are no high-power electrical appliances. If there is one, it is necessary to replace the circuit with a larger electrical load

7. The air conditioning line is divided

the air conditioning circuit is generally more than two circuits, with 4 square lines, and each circuit uses a single open 20A air switch without leakage protection. The air-conditioning circuit does not need to use the air switch with leakage protection, but the general single-phase air switch. If the leakage protection air switch is used in the air conditioning circuit, a little leakage may cause the leakage protection air switch of the air conditioning circuit to trip frequently. I see that the air conditioning circuit in the distribution box of many buildings is useless with leakage protection air switch, but some cabinet air conditioning circuits are installed with leakage protection air switch. Special 16A socket shall be used for the air conditioning line, and the installation position is preferably under and beside the air conditioner for easy switching

generally, the air conditioner is basically within 5000W, and the safety wattage of 4 square plastic copper wire is 6000 W, which can ensure the consumption of air conditioner. Air conditioning is an electrical appliance with large power consumption, which requires a separate circuit. At the same time, due to the large instantaneous electrical load when the air conditioning is started, if the air conditioning shares the same circuit with other electrical appliances, it will affect the use of other electrical appliances. There is also a problem of long-term operation and aging of the air-conditioning line. The working time of the air-conditioning is long in a certain period of time, and the conductor will be heated due to the insufficient road load compared with the foreign advanced level. The design specification requires that the air-conditioning line choose 4 square lines. One air conditioning circuit can only have two small wall mounted air conditioners at most, and a high-power cabinet air conditioner must occupy one circuit

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