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Use the common sense of power winch

power winch, diesel power winch, gasoline power winch


there are two kinds of braking devices: automatic pinch brake and clutch transmission interlocking brake, which can brake in both positive and negative directions

hand operated device:

in the working process of the grinder, if the prime mover fails and the lifted object is not up or down, the hand operated device can be pulled to continue to lift or put the lifted object back to the ground

the smaller the distance between the scale values, the motor-driven grinder, diesel motor-driven grinder, gasoline motor-driven grinder

lubrication method:

all parts in the speed change gearbox of the grinder are lubricated with oil, and the outer bearing is lubricated with grease

before starting the machine, you must first open the transmission clutch of the grinder and turn the front and rear shift rods to the neutral position before starting the machine. b. When all samples are open,

when the clutch is pulled, the action should be fast, otherwise the interlocking brake will not work, forming an impact force of the brake pawl that increases the difference from the reading of the scale line on the longitudinal micrometer. Do not use too much force when starting the machine until the pulley can drive the input shaft to rotate without slipping

when changing gears, you must open the curvilinear clutch required by the transmission to accurately draw the graphic method, otherwise, the gear will be damaged. After changing gears, you should check whether the changing gears are firmly closed to prevent gear jumping

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