Common standards for the hottest metering pump

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Common standards for metering pumps

1, GB metering pump model compilation method

2, gb/t metering pump

3, gb/t mobile metering pump test method

4, gb/t measurement pump noise sound power level measurement engineering method

5, GB sample breakpoint good/t chemical metering pump technical conditions

6, gb/t metering pump fishery aquatic products plastic products, etc.) mechanical vibration test method

7, jb/t reciprocating booster pump

8 Jb/t diaphragm pump

9, jb/t pump product cleanliness

10, jb/t positive displacement pump parts hydraulic and leakage test

11, jb/t pump parts nondestructive testing magnetic particle testing

12, jb/t positive displacement pump parts hydraulic and leakage test

13, API reciprocating positive displacement pump

14, gb/t generally used corrosion-resistant steel castings with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices

15, gb/t iron castings

16 Gb12241~ safety valve

17, gb2555 ~ general purpose pipe flange

18, SH petrochemical enterprise steel pipe size series

19, SH petrochemical steel pipe flange

20, gb/t9112 ~ steel pipe flange

21, hg20592 ~ steel pipe flange, gasket, fastener (European part)

22, hg20592~ steel pipe flange, gasket, fastener (American part)

23, asmeb16 Pipe flanges and flange fittings

24, gb/t 122 many products are not recognized by the market at all. Stainless steel rods

25, jb/t polytetrafluoroethylene woven packing

26, jb/t carbon (chemical) fiber impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene woven packing

27, jb/t flexible graphite woven packing

28, jb/t aramid fiber, phenolic fiber woven packing technical conditions (end)

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