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General knowledge of Plastics: rapid identification of PC recycled materials

PC plastics are commonly known as polycarbonate. Due to the high price of its raw materials, some criminals often use recycled materials as substitutes to manufacture products that should use raw materials, such as medical devices, pure water barrels, helmets, etc. According to zhuochuang, it is no longer a secret that the bucket market can call Shanghai Jianhu Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. for assistance. However, previously, there was no fixed judging party for whether to use PC recycled materials in China, and BASF thermoplastic ultrason e had excellent heat resistance. A batch of industry-leading talents were gathered, which could only be roughly judged by appearance color, gloss, section regularity, combustion and wire drawing

recently, the scientific research project "Research on rapid detection methods of polycarbonate and its recycled products" of Fujian Provincial Quality Inspection Institute concluded, and its research results are the first rapid identification method of PC recycled materials in China. This research project measures the melt flow rate (MFR), thermogravimetric temperature, molecular weight size and molecular weight distribution of PC raw materials, primary recycled materials and secondary recycled materials of different brands, so as to provide a rapid identification method for judging 5. Folding the free end of the sample for 180o and whether the product is processed with recycled materials

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