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Drug packaging machinery urgently needs to get rid of the embarrassing situation and enhance competitiveness

drug packaging machinery is related to the quality and safety of drugs, and plays a key role in the sales and cost of drugs. Therefore, we should pay attention to the construction of drug packaging machinery while developing medicine. At present, there are still many deficiencies in China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery in the international competition, mainly in the following aspects:

first of all, China's packaging equipment started relatively late, did not undergo a complete exploration and development process, and was manufactured by imitating foreign advanced technology, which has no technical advantages. Cultivating professional and technical talents is of great importance, which is also the root of the development of packaging equipment. Moreover, at present, there are many channels for selling experimental machines in the market, which need to integrate various technologies. The lack of professional technology research and development team makes the pharmaceutical packaging machinery unable to go out well

secondly, industrial equipment in developed countries has quite mature research on the degree of automation, which cannot be compared with the domestic equipment industry. Therefore, improving the degree of automation is an inevitable trend of future development. Our industry is also constantly thinking about the direction of automation. Drug packaging machinery should also clarify the direction of development and actively develop equipment with a high degree of automation

finally, since we want to go global, we need to strengthen international exchanges, such as joining the GMP certification. While the pharmaceutical enterprises are reviewed, we also need to let the pharmaceutical equipment accept the test of international standards with measuring range. Only when the pharmaceutical equipment is tested, we can find out the shortcomings and make continuous improvements to make the equipment more perfect

with the continuous development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, seizing the market with quantity and cheap price has no longer become the main way of industry competition. Winning the market with quality and function will become the mainstream. The industry should recognize the gap, strengthen technological innovation, strive to enhance competitiveness and gain the market initiative. Arrange staff to solve the problem at the customer's site as soon as possible

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