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Based on Net platform

system overview

Jingcheng eas-drp enterprise distribution management software is based on the common management problems of domestic distribution enterprises, and launched a distribution resource planning system based on the latest Internet technology at home and abroad. The system combines the advanced management concepts at home and abroad, completely eliminates many information islands in the general enterprise management system, seamlessly connects the capital flow, logistics and information flow in the enterprise marketing management through the computer management system, and finally forms a closed-loop operating system for various resources of the sales channels such as suppliers, branches, offices, dealers, agents, specialty stores, shopping malls, counters, supermarkets, chain stores, etc, Truly establish a set of "digital nervous system" for the sales of enterprises

Jingcheng eas-drp networked distribution system absorbs the management spirit of SCM, ERP, CRM and collaborative OA, and integrates the enterprise's logistics, distribution and settlement systems. Based on the current situation of most enterprises, the system is relatively perfect in logistics processing. The business process control can clearly reflect the actual situation in the supply chain, and relatively less consideration is given to the cooperation and common development within the region. Strong network authority control, Let all branches, dealers and customers related to the enterprise interact widely, and truly realize "decentralized operation and centralized control"

the supply chain management solution provided by Jingcheng eas-drp network distribution software can fully help enterprises adapt to the opportunities brought by interconnection, clearly and timely monitor and manage business information such as procurement, production, sales, inventory, goods and capital turnover at each node of the enterprise's supply chain, effectively reduce costs, increase sales, improve service levels, and make enterprise management Work efficiency and business scope have been effectively improved. Through the information interaction platform, enterprises and upstream suppliers as well as enterprises and downstream customers to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; It can submit orders in real time, query product supply, sales, inventory and settlement status, obtain market channels and sales information, and provide customer support at any time

system structure:

Jingcheng eas-drp networked distribution system is completely based on Microsoft Net platform development, supporting a wide range of network hardware platforms, can run smoothly on various operating systems such as Windows NT, UNIX and os/400. With advanced technical architecture and rich application experience in distribution management, the system will promote distribution management to a new level of "supply chain collaborative commerce"

users of the distribution system include roles within the group, branches, sales companies (offices), branches/distributors, etc. How to timely master channel inventory and effectively control the information flow, logistics and financial capital flow of remote businesses are the main links in the networked distribution system

eas-drp divides the enterprise's distribution management into three levels: data collection, business management and decision support. It covers the enterprise's electronic transaction portal, information portal and service portal, and has multi-level inventory management, transportation management, distribution management, purchasing plan, market management, price management, customer relationship management, store POS retail, service management, financial management and decision analysis, So that the enterprise's sub plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials sales management becomes an efficient, unified and rapid response whole

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