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Perfume: 6 tips to make you a fragrance Princess

1. Essence is based on "point"; Perfume is based on "line"; Eau De Toilette or Cologne is used in the form of "face". The lower the concentration, the wider the application range

2. Apply a little perfume on six or seven parts of the body with your fingertips, or use a spray to spray the fragrance cm away from the body. The range can be wider and the fragrance is more uniform

3. Those with high body temperature should strive to improve the surface roughness, weight and coupling degree of the workpiece, and the effect of perfume is better. Basically, the body temperature inside the body is higher than that outside the body. In addition, the fragrance is rising, which can get a better effect when applied to the lower body than the upper body

4. Don't apply perfume to the parts exposed to the sun. Alcohol will make skin spots under the sun

5. The parts suitable for using perfume include: behind the ear, back neck, inner side of elbow, waist, wrist pulse, inner side of knee, ankle. Unsuitable parts include the triangular range formed by the connection between the ears and the chest. Because the throat and chest skin are delicate and sensitive, and the proximity to the nose is too irritating. 6. If you want the fragrance to last longer, first use the same series of bath products, then Spray Eau De Toilette, and finally click the swing bar to make sure that the highest concentration perfume or essence on the vertical mark is on the pulse part, so that the fragrance can be wrapped for a long time

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