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The United States approved drugs to add pearlescent pigments to increase pearl luster

the United States approved drugs to add pearlescent pigments to increase pearl luster

July 24, 2006

according to the Associated Press, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on the 20th that pharmaceutical companies can add pearlescent pigments to the sugar coating of their drugs. This pearlescent pigment can make drugs have pearl luster

fda said that pearlescent pigments can be used in any swallowing drug, including pills, tablets and liquids. This decision may change the appearance of drugs forever. According to the internal color of drugs, pearlescent pigments can produce metallic, smooth and glittering effects, and make drugs have red, golden yellow and other colors

EMD Chemicals Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of chemicals and pigments, filed this application eight years ago. Giabattisto, head of the sales and marketing department of the company's pigment department, said the company hoped that drug companies would use this technology to make their drugs unique in appearance and more difficult to prevent counterfeiting

pigments are made by mixing mineral mica with titanium dioxide or iron oxide or mixing the three. The Federal Food and Drug Administration approved the use of these two mixtures in contact lenses in 2002. Including lipstick compared with traditional materials, eye shadow, armor and other cosmetics, ink, car paint also use similar pigments

titanium dioxide can now be used in drugs. The new rules allow the use of mica to brighten swallowing drugs. The food and Drug Administration said the pigment should not exceed 3% of the weight of the drug. The food and Drug Administration initially made a ruling on July 22nd, 2005, specifying that samples exceeding the maximum experimental force would not have any possibility of poisoning according to the content specified by the food and drug administration. The food and drug administration made a final decision on the 20th after answering the comments of critics

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