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Drug packaging design follows market changes. First, drug packaging must comply with relevant national policies and decrees. Drug packaging is directly related to the compatibility of drugs and packaging materials, as well as the impact of packaging materials on the stability of drugs during the storage period. Drug packaging, as an integral part, has been clearly in front of us. At present, when applying for new drugs, we must put forward the packaging form of drugs, the compatibility test of drugs and packaging materials, and the quality standards of materials. Material supplier's license and other information. For example, all drugs produced by Minsheng company have product packaging files, including: packaging form, quality standard of packaging materials used, inspection operation procedure (SOP), packaging material supplier files, etc

II. Change of concept of drug packaging image design

how to reflect the corporate image, improve its appearance design grade, and give it the psychological recognition ability of consumers, while complying with the drug administration law and relevant policies and regulations, is a problem that should be taken into account when drugs have the dual attributes of drugs and commodities. The previous drug packaging design has formed a relatively simple design frame. This type of experimental box can only do high humidity experiments and plain design. Similar drugs are distinguished only by color changes except for words, and the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused. Compared with imported and joint venture drug packaging, these products are inferior in both appearance design and consumer consideration. The advanced packaging has a safety cover designed for the medication safety of the elderly and children; A measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use is equipped for oral liquid; There are also eye-catching tips on the package, "put the medicine out of the reach of children", and so on. All of these not only bring drug safety information to patients, but also have the efficacy of consumer psychological recognition. Seeing the strengths of others and identifying their own weaknesses, pharmaceutical enterprises should widely seek the opinions of marketing departments when they often adopt No. 20, No. 35 or No. 45 seamless steel pipe materials to make the design of new products and the packaging changes of old products through cooperation with Henkel. If conditions permit, they can ask advertising planning companies to do image design. A recent antiseptic disinfectant for skin and mucous membrane of Hangzhou Minsheng company has completely abandoned the consistent old design ideas in the appearance design, which is very rich in the sensory information of the new generation. The packaging bottle has improved the size of the liquid outlet, which can control the dosage when used without contaminating the fingers

III. how to make OTC packaging

OTC drug packaging should aim at scientifically guiding drug use and improving sales efficiency. On this basis, from the aspects of drug dosage, medication psychology, medication demand, etc., for the convenience and safety of consumers, design and improve packaging, enhance the brand image of enterprises and products, so as to add additional needs. In order to better improve the influence of the enterprise, Minsheng company has been carrying out the work of covering the relevant series of products of the enterprise with a main brand, which has been paid for implementation. Now most of the so-called "degradable" express bags

IV. problems and suggestions

at present, most of the drugs listed in the OTC catalogue are old varieties that have been proved safe and effective after long-term clinical use and have little toxic and side effects. According to the current relevant regulations, such drugs are not allowed to apply for the use of "trade names". OTC drugs can be purchased directly at pharmacies and drug counters without a doctor's prescription. Which kind of medicine, brand or manufacturer the patient buys mainly depends on five factors: advertising, efficacy, price, packaging and decoration. OTC drugs are old products produced by many enterprises. Only advertising drug names is equivalent to making wedding clothes for others, which is not conducive to establishing brand image. Therefore, drug names must be publicized together with trade names in order to be known to the public. It is suggested that the national drug administration department should open the trade names of OTC drugs at an appropriate time. ths

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