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Ensure safe drug filling production line

economists seem to regard external procurement as a universal solution. Large companies pay special attention to their core companies to provide users with a variety of combinations for users to choose fields and expertise, and outsource auxiliary programs to external professional manufacturers. For a long time, packaging contractors and suppliers have been a popular form of partner for automated processes. Both parties must provide systems that can cope with any unexpected events

in the pharmaceutical industry, safety is the first important. It is hard to imagine that any enterprise will try to ignore the existence of standards just to reduce production costs. This makes the credit of packaging contractors particularly important, which is applicable to both personnel and equipment. When a first-class packaging contractor decides to adopt an injection filling system, this decision has been fully considered and has a very reliable foundation

the decision of the packaging contractor to purchase two Inova production lines is not a difficult problem, because it and the equipment supplier have already had this experience. Two Inova production lines, mainly used for filling and processing BD hypak SCF syringes, have been in operation since the beginning of this year

this system can also fill syringes made of pre sterilized glass or plastic and produced by other manufacturers. The size of these syringes can reach 20ml. When processing 0.5ml syringes, the system achieves its best performance, processing 22500 syringes per hour. Within the size range of 1 ~ 3ml, the system fills and seals 18500 syringes per hour. The entire filling and sealing system is located in a small, customer supplied sterile room. In order to achieve maximum health protection, the whole mechanical system is placed in the laminar flow purification area. At the beginning of the process flow, an Inova SHR manipulator automatically transfers the sealed shell to the purification unit

the manipulator automatically removes the high-density polyethylene synthetic paper and inserts substances that can protect the syringe from contamination by contaminant particles. Then, the syringe is transferred to the filling and sealing system. There, the rotary dosing pump fills the syringe at 10 positions at the same time. The syringe plug was then immediately inserted. Finally, an automatic delivery system takes away those environmental protection organizations who do not know how to deal with these pen refilled syringes

the system requires the least space

there is no doubt that the 100 grade cleaning room in this example is very expensive. This makes it more important to minimize the space occupied by mechanical equipment. Inova has further reduced the space required for its he filling and packaging system and SHR manipulator, although this space was previously considered to be very compact. A new design, which was first adopted by the packaging contractor, is characterized by the use of special methods to integrate mechanical equipment into the cleaning room. In order to save extra space, the system is directly connected to the wall of the cleaning room

the rear of the machine protective cover is directly placed on the wall. This means that the operation and access to the whole machine can only be carried out from one side of the machine

in addition to the reduction in space size and the resulting improvement in accessibility, this design of the machine also increases the simplicity of operation and cleaning. The machine production line can resist the erosion of aggressive detergent. In order to achieve this durability, the manufacturer minimizes the gap size of the machine, uses special materials to make a sealing design, and uses a stainless steel surface. This system is robust and has been designed and used for many years

safety is the primary factor

in order to ensure the process flow and hygiene to the greatest extent, the protective cover of the machine is characterized by Rabs design, which is similar to isolation technology. This design includes safety guards such as light barriers, glove access, and special doorknobs

the accuracy of quantitative feeding in filling machine is the most basic safety problem, which will affect pharmacists and patients; The pharmacist here refers to the doctor who is responsible for the injection. Excessive or insufficient active ingredients sometimes bring serious health consequences. Therefore, packaging contractors have a great responsibility to pharmaceutical companies. Within the filling range of 0.1 ~ 1ml, the dosage must be accurate to within 1%. If the filling volume is greater than 1ml, the accuracy must be controlled within ± 0.5%

this system has been running since the beginning of the year, and it is operated by special personnel in the cleaning room. All specification changes can be completed within 30min. Due to the efficiency of the equipment, the machine can run in the state of multi task switching

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