56 countries other than the Philippines completed

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56 countries except the Philippines have completed the signing of the aiib agreement

56 countries except the Philippines have completed the signing of the aiib agreement

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according to the Nikkei Chinese report, focusing on the preparations for the establishment of the Asian infrastructure investment bank (hereinafter referred to as the aiib, aiib) under the leadership of China, among the 57 countries that announced their participation as founding members, 56 countries except the Philippines completed the signing of the agreement before December 9, when there is no doubt about the development trend of high nickel cathode materials. It is expected that the aiib will be launched in 2015 as originally planned, and the opening ceremony will be held in mid January 2016. It is expected to start financing before the spring of the same year, and the financing scale in the first year is expected to reach about US $2billion

the first financing is expected to be implemented from spring to summer 2016. Discussions are under way to promote syndicated loans with the world bank and others. The financing scale in the first year will be 1.5 billion to 2 billion US dollars, while the annual average financing scale in the first five to six years is expected to reach 10 billion to 15 billion US dollars

only study excellence. In order to raise funds, issuing bonds in the financial market requires a credit rating. However, this will take a long time, so it was initially considered to issue bonds without ratings

it is reported that Chen Huan, deputy head of the preparatory working group of the Asian investment bank, said that he had received the support of the Korean financial authorities, Dr. Christian Haessler, innovation director of Youke Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific region and head of polymer R & D center, said: "The sunshine power is not the only innovative project that benefits from our high-tech materials and solutions. It can raise funds by issuing bonds with the Korean government and the country's financial institutions as the recipients.

of the 57 countries that announced their participation, 50 countries signed agreements at the end of June. Of the remaining 7 countries, 6 countries have completed signing at present. Only the Philippines has not signed, if it refuses to sign before the end of 2015 , will lose the status of founding member states that have received preferential treatment in terms of voice, etc

on the one hand, more than 10 signatories have completed domestic ratification procedures for the agreement. As long as the capital contribution of the approved countries reaches more than 50% of the total capital contribution, the aiib will be officially launched. Chen Huan told Chinese media on the 3rd, "India and Russia, the major shareholders of the Asian investment bank, have said that they will complete the approval procedures in mid December this year. According to this, the Asian investment bank should be able to meet the legal requirements for opening in the middle of this month."

the aiib will hold its first general meeting and Council in mid January 2016. At the same time, it plans to hold the opening ceremony and the press conference of Jin Liqun, the first president

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