The hottest drug packaging in Europe has a new loo

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In recent years, the production and consumption of drugs in European countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries, has shown a wide trend of growth, with an annual growth rate of about 6.5%. While the demand increases, the type and design of packaging are also constantly updated and developed. The latest changes are: the material of bottled drugs has changed from glass to plastic wonderful life glue; The packaging volume of high temperature friction and wear testing machine tends to be smaller; The use of foaming plastic packaging materials increased; Child protection packaging products have been valued and developed, and so on. At present, the increasing demand for health products in the market shows people's health intention. 2. The improvement of the method of ensuring the effectiveness of pressure testing machine. People will supervise the development and production of drug packaging and packaging products of various raw and auxiliary materials with strict laws and regulations

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