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Drug packaging for a new face

WEISHUDA, baoweijian, kamat, baoweijian, in the eyes of outsiders, these are four different drugs. In fact, these four drugs with different trade names have a common common name famotidine, which is specialized in the treatment of digestive system diseases. The state stipulates that from October 1, the generic names must be highlighted in the packaging of newly produced drugs, and those very pleasant commodity names that the manufacturers have started as promotions must be diluted and narrowed, which makes the packaging of drugs sold in most pharmacies need to be changed into new clothes. Visited some retail pharmacies in Suzhou. At Haiwang Xingchen drugstore in Yinma bridge, I saw and measured the distance between the marking lines (L1) of the test pieces at this time. Some drugs here have been replaced first. For example, ikoxin produced by Shandong Dayin marine rigid polyurethane foam low density biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is commonly known as vitamin AD drops; On the original package, the words "ikoxin" are printed very large, and the new graphene scaffold is also known as aerogel. The package obviously highlights the words "vitamin AD drops", so that people can know what kind of drug it is at a glance as soon as they pick up the drug. Xiezhengjiang, a salesperson of the store, told that the new packaging would help put an end to the phenomenon of multiple drugs for one drug. Because the endless stream of new drug names often dazzle people. Even people who deal with drugs every day may not immediately know which drug is which drug; After strengthening the generic name of drugs, no matter how well you call it, the ingredients of drugs cannot change, especially for OTC drugs over the counter. Patients will not lose their way when choosing drugs by themselves

song Jialong, director of the office of Suzhou food and drug administration, told that according to the regulations on the unified packaging of new drugs after October 1, the generic name of drugs must be used on the packaging of new drugs, and the generic name should be prominent and marked in black or white, and no other colors should be used; The drug trade name shall not be written with the common name, and its font shall not be greater than half of the font used for the common name based on the single word area; If the indications or main functions, usage and dosage, adverse reactions, taboos, precautions, etc. of the drug cannot be indicated on the drug label, the main contents shall be marked and the words for details shall be indicated

at the same time, he also reminded that since the vast majority of drugs produced before October 1 use the original drug packaging, labels and instructions, so after the national day, new and old packaged drugs will appear on the market at the same time; Moreover, due to the expiration date of drugs, this phenomenon will continue for a period of time. However, if the digital dial indicator imported from Switzerland is a new drug after October 1, it must comply with the provisions of the State Drug Administration. In other words, any newly produced drugs that do not comply with the regulations on packaging, labels and instructions after October 1 will be investigated and dealt with by the drug administration department

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