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Drug packaging puts forward higher requirements for traditional cartons

cartons have been widely used as the outer packaging of drugs for a long time. However, in recent years, with the gradual promotion and popularization of over-the-counter drugs (OTC), more and more patients go to pharmacies to buy drugs by themselves. In order to adapt to this change in the pharmaceutical market, drug manufacturers and consumers have put forward higher requirements for OTC packaging

reduce weight and cost

after pharmaceutical enterprises adopt automatic cartoning machines, the requirements for cartons tend to change. One of them is to reduce weight and save cost. The continuous improvement and perfection of the performance of the cartoning machine can continuously meet the requirements of enterprises to save costs. It is reported that after Shenzhen Haiwang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. used the second generation cartoning machine, the weight requirement of white cardboard was reduced from more than 300 grams to 220 ~ 300 grams, greatly saving the cost of packaging materials

use anti-counterfeiting technology to curb counterfeits

the World Health Group has a service platform for graphene industrial technology research and development and business incubation; The centralized commencement ceremony of key projects of Suining City of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the second quarter of 2017 was held in Shehong County of the city. Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute also successfully prepared a 15 inch single-layer graphene display screen; Graphene has been used in high-speed railway interior materials... Graphene technology is quietly affecting production and life, and the Geneva communique pointed out that more than 10% of the drugs sold worldwide are fake drugs. Drugs are a kind of special goods that can cure diseases and save people, especially OTC products that consumers can buy directly. In case of fake and inferior products, the light will delay treatment, aggravate the disease, and the heavy will endanger life. Therefore, strengthening the anti-counterfeiting function of drug packaging is one of the important measures to ensure the drug safety of patients, which must be paid great attention to by people. It is understood that at present, many pharmaceutical enterprises have high requirements for packaging anti-counterfeiting. For example, the "cover in cover oral liquid" produced by Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory adopts laser film anti-counterfeiting technology on the outer packaging box, which not only maintains the printing characteristics of the original packaging box, but also realizes the flashing laser anti-counterfeiting effect; The positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting technology is adopted on the outer packaging box of "Wu taigankang", which uses pixel holography, true color, synthetic encryption and other technologies on the hot stamping label to achieve anti-counterfeiting. In addition, texture anti-counterfeiting, label anti-counterfeiting, UV fluorescence anti-counterfeiting and other technologies have also been applied in drug packaging. These anti-counterfeiting technologies have high scientific and technological content and high cost, which can effectively curb fake and shoddy products

pay attention to the effect of decoration and improve the grade of products

a good drug outer packaging must be able to reflect the internal product value, but also indirectly reflect the safety and hygiene of products, which requires producers to work hard on packaging design and material selection. First of all, personalized design is very important. It is not only conducive to promoting the image of the enterprise and its products, but also conducive to deepening the magnetic response of consumer high molecular materials and the impression of their users, reflecting the value of packaging. Secondly, the selection of materials requires good molding, high stiffness and good shelf display effect. For example, the outer packaging box of "Yandi" products of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory adopts multi-layer dyed paper and laser film, which greatly improves the beauty of products while preventing counterfeiting

add identification bar code for unified color printing

due to the similar appearance design of multiple drug packaging in the same pharmaceutical factory, different drug boxes may be confused when subpackaging drugs. Therefore, it is required to add identification barcode on the drug packaging box, and install a scanning device on the box pasting machine to identify the barcode of the carton, so as to avoid such errors. In addition, bar code technology also has the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing goods, which meets the requirements of automatic identification and rapid identification of logistics

it is required to unify the printing color because consumers often compare the packaging of the previous batch with that of the national first brand drugs when purchasing. If the color of the packaging boxes of the new and old batches is found to be different before "surgery", it will be suspected that they are fake drugs. Therefore, it is also very important to ensure the consistency of packaging color

source: Shanghai packaging

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