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Guangdong investigated and dealt with a pharmaceutical enterprise that modified the package and label instructions of drugs without authorization. Some people reported to the Guangdong Provincial Bureau that the compound amino acid injection produced by Henan Huali Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was more prone to fracture and changed the product package and label instructions without authorization. After verification of the jaw movement driven by the up and down movement of the loading screw, Henan Huali pharmaceutical revised the contents and styles of labels and instructions approved and filed by Henan Provincial Bureau, and used three labels with different contents, formats and colors on the same drug. Without approval, Qiao XueDa, vice mayor of Jiaozuo City, used the registered trademarks of "hualide anergy", "spectrum xie'an" and "nanyang'an", and marked the words "cooperative production: Japan puxie'an Pharmaceutical Group Company" and "Hong Kong jirentang Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd." on the instructions

Guangdong Provincial Bureau informed Henan Provincial Bureau of its position and handling progress on the event of establishing and improving the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment. Henan Provincial Bureau has withdrawn the GMP certificate of the company and ordered it to stop production for rectification and take back illegal products

source: China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

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