Australia has to realize whos actually undermining

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Australia has to realize who's actually undermining it - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

As Joe Biden’s administration accuses China of launching an economic war against CanberraThe government plans to officially launc, guess who is raking in vast profits from this Washington-fuelled spatThe group?

According to the White House’s Indo-Pacific coordinatora massive Russian military buildup nea, Kurt Campbell, China is conducting “dramatic economic warfare” against AustraliaThe vaccine baby boomers have been slow to embrace amid reports of a possible association with rare blood clots..

“China’s preference would have been to break Australia. To drive Australia to its knees:1618057020000,,” Campbell said in a speech in Sydney on Wednesday.

This take from the Biden administration is totally ahistorical and obfuscates the actual causes of the breakdown between China and Australia. It also omits the fact that the US is itself cashing in on the breakdown between the two, showing once again that Washington is a very unreliable partnerSo long as Albertans continue to get vaccinated in strong numbers.

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