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Ningbo Coating Association has successfully completed the two alliance standards. According to the news from the national coating industry information center on November 16, 2012, Ningbo coating and coating industry association has successfully completed the two alliance standards. Among them, the Ningbo powder coating alliance standard (high-performance thermosetting powder coating, low-temperature curing epoxy powder coating, and environment-friendly thermosetting powder coating, which can keep the normal contact in the components of the gas distribution system and enhance the sealing of the gas valve) approved in the fourth quarter of 2010 has been investigated, sampled, collected, translated, compiled, reviewed, tested, transformed, publicized, implemented, trained and exchanged for more than one year, It passed the acceptance in June this year. According to the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, at the end of 2011, Ningbo coating and coating industry association established the Ningbo energy saving and environmental friendly thermosetting powder coating alliance standard in the municipal quality supervision department. The leading group composed of the standard technology committee and the expert group actively carried out relevant work, completed the transformation in September, 2012, and prepared the acceptance data in November to meet the acceptance

the successful completion of the hardness test of the two approved projects in the above provinces and cities has poured a lot of effort into Ningbo coating and coating industry association, and has also done two good things for enterprise 1. Energy protection: the system can be set up for the industry, and the economic and social benefits are very obvious. The completion of these two tasks also gives a strong boost to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

in the future, Ningbo Painting Association will continue to give full play to its own advantages, strengthen standardization work and better serve enterprises

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