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Ningxia 95518 customer service center was rated AAA in the national system evaluation rating. Recently, PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Corporation issued the notice on the evaluation results of 95518 customer service center in 2020. The branch 95518 customer service center was rated as the highest AAA branch, ranking ninth in the national system, up 17 places from 2019, the best performance in recent years

PICC Property and casualty insurance may even reach 50%. Ningxia 95518 customer service center innovates management ideas, optimizes service mode, improves service efficiency, and pays close attention to service quality. Various key assessment indicators have been significantly improved. The total number of calls accepted throughout the year was 847200, including 178200 customer consulting services. During the epidemic period, the 95518 Customer Service Center launched the workplace + family seats + online service mode to ensure that the work is not lax and the service line is continuous. It opened 27 family seats. Throughout the year, the manual call through rate of sample calls such as medical rubber gloves reached 99.97%, an increase of 0.03% year-on-year. It provided 5257 calls of telephone assistance to Hubei Branch, further enhancing the team's professionalism and combat effectiveness

2020, the 95518 customer service center will serve zero time difference and zero leakage; More warm words, less work omissions, and no case of service prevarication are required to implement the warm project requirements, further enhance the customer experience, and gradually improve the efficiency of consulting solutions. Throughout the year, the service satisfaction rate of customer service representatives reached 99.99%, with a year-on-year increase of 0.05 percentage points; The one-time problem solving rate reached 84.11%, a year-on-year increase of 4.96 percentage points; Customer service evaluation satisfaction was 99.06%, reaching the full score assessment standard of the head office. The 95518 customer service center also won the title of youth civilization of the head office in 2020 due to its excellent performance in all aspects. The working committee of Ningxia financial League will soon find the next annual youth civilization of the replacement. Guolihua, an employee of the center, won the title of youth post expert of the head office, sunruying won the title of business expert of 95518 national skill competition, and liangwenjing won the honorary title of war epidemic model of Ningxia insurance industry, Remarkable achievements have been made in team building

2021, the 95518 customer service center will adhere to its original intention, keep its mission in mind, actively implement the group's warm project, further promote digital transformation, continue to give full play to the service value of the platform, actively undertake to serve customers, and make people's Insurance with temperature

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