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On the afternoon of September 29, the principal and Deputy Secretary General of Ningbo Painting Association and representatives of five enterprises went to Zhejiang University at No. 1, Xuefu Road, higher education park. The zigzag angle (T) and bending core diameter (d) should comply with relevant product standards. The polymer materials Institute of Ningbo Institute of technology was accompanied by Professor zhongguolun/deputy director. After the visit, Both parties conduct exchanges and negotiations. The key point is how to carry out cooperation between enterprises and research institutes, and how to choose the form of formulating strict technical regulations, content, name and income for China's export products. After more than two hours of consultation and communication, the two sides have a basic understanding of the situation. In order to further clarify the project, the enterprise is required to unify its thinking and plan, and further consultation will be conducted at that time

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