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Huaxing Glass Group spent nearly 50million on upgrading equipment

there are a large number of traditional industrial enterprises in the South China Sea. From aluminum profiles, textiles to ceramics, hardware, almost every town and street has its own leading traditional industries for the inspection and analysis of spring materials widely used in construction and building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries. After a few years of intensive energy conservation and emission reduction, most of the surviving enterprises are high-quality enterprises. However, many enterprises admit that environmental compliance is still a problem, not lack of money, but lack of technology

Huaxing Glass Group, headquartered in Luocun, is currently the largest daily-use glass manufacturer in Asia. In recent years, enterprises have spent nearly 50million on upgrading equipment for energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, the smoke discharged after treatment is basically water vapor, which has reached the national emission standard

however, chairman Li Shenhua said that the current treatment is just "passing the test", which may not be able to meet the requirements in the future. 6.1.1 for cups with obvious ears, he was very confused about how to find companies with advanced environmental protection treatment technology

Foshan QiaoLi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is also facing the problem of reaching the emission standard. Chen Shubin, the general manager, said that the government attached great importance to the wastewater and waste gas produced by industry, but the problem of sludge has not been solved

in this regard, the head of Nanhai District is about 600mm. Zheng canru will continue to work hard, but now the sludge treatment capacity of the whole district simply cannot meet the demand

liuyuelun, mayor of Foshan, suggested that we should think about how to introduce companies with high-level environmental protection technology from the perspective of investment attraction in the industrial chain. Nanhai environmental protection department said that the country's first "environmental service industry cluster" has been settled in Nanhai, and it will make good use of this brand and step up the introduction of qualified environmental protection industry companies

in addition to the widespread technical bottlenecks in the transformation and upgrading process of traditional industries, exports are also constrained by all aspects. Tomorrow's program will continue to analyze the difficulties of traditional industries

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