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"Huaxin cloud" was selected as the key project of Shenda National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in 2017. In order to implement the spirit of the reply of the State Council on approving Shenda national high tech Zone to build a national independent innovation demonstration zone (Guo Han [2016] No. 65), Shenda National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone will be taken as an important carrier for the province to implement the innovation driven development strategy. A few days ago, the Liaoning Provincial People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of the three-year action plan (year) of Shenyang University National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Liaoning Province. The notice points out that Dalian should give priority to the development of cloud computing industry that can reduce its weight by about 20%, and focus on the construction of 10 key projects such as Huaxin cloud platform. At the same time, the construction and application projects of Huaxin cloud platform will be included in the three-year action plan. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. recommends a list of computer servo tensile testing machines for you

the ambassador's reading is between 10% and 90% of the full scale. Lianhuaxin Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian Huaxin (full name: Dalian Huaxin Computer Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading comprehensive service provider of cloud technology in China. It has cloud management platform (CMP) and cloud computing series products with independent intellectual property rights, and has the comprehensive ability to integrate cloud computing products and resources of third-party manufacturers, Provide comprehensive and one-stop cloud computing service solutions for government and enterprise customers, covering private cloud construction, public cloud operation support and professional services. Jinmin's long glass fiber reinforced PP has been used in car instrument panel body skeleton, battery bracket, front-end module, control box, seat support frame, etc.

in terms of private cloud, Dalian Huaxin can provide government cloud, enterprise cloud consulting planning, design and delivery, operation and maintenance guarantee, and advanced customized services of cloud platform; In terms of public cloud, we provide price competitive cloud services based on open source openstack platform, and provide high-end commercial cloud services based on Huaxin commercial cloud powered by nifty cloud; In terms of professional services, it provides services such as shared monitoring, data management, automatic test cloud, cloud migration consulting and analysis of mainframe systems, Devops, big data, etc

Huaxin cloud data center Huaxin cloud platform relies on the Huaxin cloud data center built to the highest international standard of T4, based on the highly automated cloud platform, adopts advanced virtualization technology, distributed resource management technology and parallel processing technology, integrates the latest technologies such as hyperfusion, SDN, software definition storage, container, etc., and can provide advanced and reliable bearing platform and technical support for customer business

in October 2015, Dalian Economic and Information Technology Commission and Dalian Huaxin took the lead in establishing the Dalian cloud computing public service platform (hereinafter referred to as the public service platform). Built on the basis of Huaxin cloud platform, the public service platform is a cloud computing public infrastructure jointly built by the government and enterprises to cultivate the development of cloud computing industry in Dalian, improve cloud computing service capacity, support innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform has cultivated the cloud market in Dalian, improved the development environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, reduced the cost of entrepreneurship and innovation, and played an obvious role in industry promotion and incubation; The platform enables enterprises to quickly enter the cloud and radiate to a broader industry

according to the implementation plan of the three-year action plan, Dalian Huaxin will consolidate the existing development achievements, open cooperation, focus on accelerating and increasing the construction of cloud computing industry alliance, help traditional industries quickly realize digital transformation, promote entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, highlight regional innovation and development characteristics, and improve its influence in the national cloud computing industry

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