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Huayi polymer promotes new products of high-strength bulk ABS

Shanghai Huayi polymer Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayi Group. It has self-developed patented production technology of bulk ABS process. At present, it mainly produces five specifications of HR series products, which can be used in plate extrusion, general injection molding, alloy modification and other fields

Huayi pays attention to the development of new products and launches new products every year around giving full play to the advantages of ontology ABS. At China plas 2013, Huayi launched a high-strength bulk ABS product hr-9333, which has the highest strength of similar bulk ABS in China

in Chinaplas 2013, Huayi launched the high-strength ABS product hr-9333. Figure 3. If it is necessary to take a group photo in front of the booth for the employees of the company with watermarks,

the body ABS is produced by the body method, which corresponds to the conventional lotion method. But in fact, the body ABS resin has the characteristics of stable product quality, good whiteness, low monomer residue, and is the healthiest and safest ABS product at present. At the exhibition site, xiaomingyu, deputy general manager of Shanghai Huayi polymer Co., Ltd., accepted the interview of CPRJ China plastic rubber. After introducing the unique advantages of ABS, he pointed out that ABS is not only a green product, its production process is also green, and there is almost no production of three wastes. "Green process, green product" is the most prominent highlight of ABS

Xiao Mingyu also introduced the basic situation of Huayi Company. He said that the company has a bulk ABS device with an annual output of 200000 tons in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and the production line with an annual output of 38000 tons in the first phase of 2011 has been put into operation. He said that in the future, the company will continue to launch new ABS products with lower residual monomer, and provide customized services to customers according to their needs. For the ontology ABS market, manager Xiao is full of confidence, "ontology ABS is an important direction of ABS development. We believe that the proportion of ABS produced by this method in the market will be larger and larger."

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