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Huaxia valve held the training of "building a high-performance team"

on October 26, Wang Zifeng of Beijing Bailang Education Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bailang Education) was invited to carry out the management improvement training of "building a high-performance team" for the management personnel of Huaxia valve company, accelerating the growth and progress of the management personnel of the company

speed up the growth and progress of managers

on October 26, Wang Zifeng of Beijing Bailang Education Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bailang Education) was invited to carry out the management promotion training of "building a high-performance team 65% higher than ordinary building materials products" for the managers of Huaxia valve company, so as to speed up the growth and progress of the company's managers

Huaxia valve and many enterprises have encountered such problems: the level of employees and managers is uneven, so that many work will be in trouble and not smooth. Human resources, as the first element of enterprise development, talent training is the key. Talent training comes from continuous digital display thermostatic water tank organizational learning and training. For this reason, Huaxia valve has attached great importance to the training of employees since the restructuring, and has carried out purposeful and planned training and management activities in various ways to help all employees constantly update their knowledge, develop skills, improve their work motivation, attitude and behavior, adapt to new requirements, be better qualified for their current jobs or assume higher-level positions, and make the growing and progressive excellent team become the source of the development of the company and the foundation of the company, The basis of competition

therefore, after inviting lecturers from Beijing Bailang consulting company to carry out executive training for middle-level leaders of the company in May this year, Bailang education was invited to hold the training of "building a high-performance team" for Huaxia valve on October 26

it is understood that Bailang education, established in 2001, is one of the powerful enterprise management training institutions in China. Wang Zifeng is a full-time lecturer of Bailang education, a producer of human resource management courses, a senior consultant, and a distinguished expert of the China Enterprise Federation. He has worked in a large domestic company for several years and has rich experience

during the training, Wang Zifeng focused on two major issues: Leadership cognition and leadership quality model, and the application of contingent leadership. Wang Zifeng is good at combining theoretical knowledge with typical cases and the actual situation of the trainees. His teaching style, which is humorous, good at interaction, and relaxed and active classroom atmosphere, has been highly praised by the trainers

in terms of leadership cognition and leadership quality model, Wang Zifeng from the four achievements of leaders, leaders should have water-based thinking, the root of management is to pay attention to people, the role of management ability and leadership ability, humanistic management, how to establish authority and power, employees' evaluation and expectation of leaders, six abilities of leadership model and their relationship Starting with the knowledge of the three requirements that leaders should have, this paper interprets the two important issues of how to have a group of competent employees and how to become an excellent leader, and emphasizes that leaders must have good morality; Must have the ability to formulate and implement rules and regulations; We must have the art of leadership and the ability to be flexible

in terms of building efficient execution, Wang Zifeng stressed that the measurement standard of execution is to complete their work tasks according to quality and quantity. It also explains the three core processes of shaping efficient execution - personnel process, strategic process and operation process, and puts forward the view that the priority of the three core processes is personnel, strategy and operation

for the problem of who should bear the responsibility for poor implementation, Wang had used resistance bridges, capacitance bridges, low-voltage bridges, high-voltage bridges and other Zifeng believed that managers were the decisive factor; Managers are responsible; The low quality of subordinates is not the leader's, but the failure to improve the quality of subordinates is the leader's

in the application of contingent leadership, Wang Zifeng introduced the importance of leaders' ability to correctly evaluate the readiness of the leader, the relationship between employees' readiness, willingness and ability, the power value measured by leadership style is also high or low 1, the classification of leaders' behavior, leadership mode and other theories, and introduced in detail the specific practices of informing, promoting, participating and authorizing the application of contingent leadership, Thus, it provides a model and mode for everyone to work according to their own characteristics

the picture shows the situation during the training (Wen Tu/zhouxiaoping/zhanghuiping)

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