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K 2013 shows the energy-saving effect of adding modifiers

the low-end market is mainly domestic enterprises. In the rich special wax product series that Clariant will focus on in K 2013, including special montane wax products, such as licomont NAV 101 and CAV 102. It is reported that in the application of polyamide and polyester injection molding, they can significantly shorten the production cycle and have excellent demoulding and fluidity. The license series products are also fixed on the column 12 with a small handle, which is the main product in the application of high-performance masterbatch

the new add works polymer additive series solutions, such as addworks ATR for the automotive industry and addworks ELC in the electronic and electrical field, will further strengthen the advantages of engineering plastics in polymer protection, processing stability, improvement of production efficiency and energy saving, and can be customized according to various technical and economic applications

Clariant's liquid masterbatch carrier technology is designed for various polymers and production. "Linko said that the process design, combined with the measurement and treatment system of liquid masterbatch, can provide a more flexible way for the development of plastic products. The latest development of the company focuses on further improving the production process of single-layer extrusion blow molding (EBM). Clariant liquid masterbatch single-layer extrusion blow molding scheme EBM can significantly shorten the color change time and help manufacturers achieve a trouble free and continuous production process

Milliken's new generation of Millard NX8000 transparent agent can make the transparency of polypropylene close to glass or glass similar polymers (such as polycarbonate, etc.). At the same time, polypropylene can be processed at extremely low temperature (℃), up to 40 ℃ lower than the working temperature of traditional transparent agent. It is reported that a lower processing environment can save energy consumption by 13% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10%. In addition, the excellent antireflection effect of this new generation of transparent agent has widened the application range of polypropylene, making it widely used in packaging, household goods, food storage, household appliances and many other fields. In addition to the advantages of environmental protection, due to the reduction of processing temperature and the shortening of cooling time, plastic molders and processors can use millad NX8000 transparent agent to improve production efficiency, increase the gasket between the oil collector and the pump body by up to 18%, and compress the overall production cost

HyperForm HPN nucleating agent launched by merican can expand the application range of polyethylene, so that this easily recycled plastic can be used in a variety of packaging processes. The high-speed nucleating agent series has increased the crystallization temperature of polypropylene and polyethylene, accelerated the demoulding of parts, shortened the production cycle, and thus increased the production efficiency by%. Whether used alone or together with talc powder, HyperForm HPR reinforcer can produce parts with higher surface finish, better scratch resistance, and easier coloring. Compared with traditional automotive injection molded parts, HyperForm hpr-803i synthetic reinforcer can not only improve the mechanical properties and appearance of polypropylene in automotive interior and exterior trim parts, but also make the parts lighter and stronger

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