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Jushi group has created a sample of energy conservation and emission reduction with 88.12 million yuan

as the world's largest glass fiber manufacturer, Jushi group not only pays attention to economic benefits, but also spares no effort to actively do a good job in environmental protection and fulfill its social responsibilities. "The comprehensive utilization project of 600000 tons of glass fiber base waste per year" is the top priority invested by Jushi group this year. It is understood that the project is also one of 115 municipal major industrial investment projects in 2012

"at present, the project is progressing smoothly. According to the patented technology provided by the group, the customized equipment for large domestic machinery enterprises has also been basically in place, and now the installation and commissioning are under way." Guguijiang, the office director and senior engineer of Jushi glass fiber research institute, told, "Sinoma technology has successfully developed the production technology of PTFE film with small pore size and high porosity and high-performance chlorimide fiber. It is our long-term work to solve the environmental problems brought by production. Last year, we made a great breakthrough in waste recycling technology, and began to carry out the related work of improving the waste recycling rate project in the final analysis last year."

according to Jushi group, the core construction content of the project mainly involves the recycling of glass fiber waste, the recycling of glass fiber production sludge and the reuse of slag in the iron and steel industry. Among them, sludge treatment and slag reuse technology is a new recycling technology developed by Jushi group in 2011, which is at the leading level at home and abroad

it is reported that Jushi group has always regarded environmental protection as a partner, and even relied on environmental protection to seek opportunities for development and wealth creation. As Gu Guijiang said, "this environmental protection project has not only expanded the scope of recycling, achieved the goal of zero discharge of solid waste of Jushi group, but also greatly reduced the production cost of the group."

it is understood that Jushi group will spend 88.12 million this time to build a demonstration project for the comprehensive utilization of waste in the glass fiber industry and climb to another peak of environmental protection and emission reduction. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of this year

Gu Guijiang calculated that after the project is put into operation, 60000 tons of waste silk per year will be fully recycled, which can replace 60000 tons of batching materials, and 8000 tons of fluorite raw materials and calcined limestone can be replaced by the annual recycled sludge. Meanwhile, the recycling of blast furnace slag in the iron and steel industry was reported all day on July 13, 2016, which can replace up to 18000 tons of dolomite, pyrophyllite and limestone. The cost of raw materials will be reduced by more than 30 million yuan every year, and it is expected that the cost will be fully recovered in less than three years

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