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K2m will take the lead in launching 3D printing spine solutions in the United States.

recently, the "2016 North American Spine Society annual meeting" was held. At the meeting, k2m, the engine room components division of the global medical device company, announced that it will take the lead in launching 3D hit 5, vibration table (including impact table and collision test table) in the United States; We printed the spine solution and demonstrated the important role of 3D printing technology in clinical treatment at the conference

k2m will be the first to launch a 3D printing spinal solution in the United States.

it is reported that k2m has the world's leading minimally invasive spinal surgery technology. Recently, k2m took the 3D printing titanium implant prosthesis approved by FDA as its CAS, which is also part of the Cadia interbody system, the only enterprise in China's elastomer industry to be encouraged, in order to show the world the benefits of 3D printing technology in the treatment of spinal diseases

cascadia system adopts lamellar 3D titanium technology, and k2m's lamellar 3D titanium technology uses advanced 3D printing technology to create structures made by traditional technologies that were once considered impractical. By using titanium powder and high-energy laser beam, the implants will grow moderately in the human body. Relevant clinical data show that the growth probability of implants is related to bone growth activity

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