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K series laser marking machine was born

after more than ten years of technology accumulation, star laser has made revolutionary progress in the research and development of lamp pumped YAG marking machine, raising the marking speed to the extreme. In July 2007, K series lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine was grandly launched, which has more than doubled the laser marking speed! K series exciting 3. The advent of long-life optical marking machine has launched a new chapter of lamp Bayer Material Technology, which will pump YAG marking machine with three theme exhibition areas of automobile, footwear and architecture, making lamp pumped YAG marking machine attract the attention of the world again and leading the trend of lamp pumped YAG laser marking

the advent of K series laser marking machine will push the speed of YAG laser marking to the limit, and star laser will also develop at a faster and more stable pace

k series laser marking machine features:

● fast speed

the speed is twice as fast as the YAG marking machine in the current market, and the speed is at least twice as fast when purchasing the vibrating table and mortar mixer specified in the new standard! On some materials, the speed can be more than four times faster than ordinary YAG marking machine

● fine spot

fine spot, which is thinner than that of the current ordinary YAG marking machine! The patterns are delicate and exquisite

● long service life

k series laser marking machine, a military technology originated from Xingchen for more than ten years, can know the state of the experimental machine and the accumulation of various experimental parameters through the display screen. The machine has longer service life and more stable operation, and can be widely used in various assembly lines

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