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Just join hands with red diamond Moutai group to create a brand route

ctiforum news on August 15 (Yang Yi): Shenzhen Red Diamond wine is a top-level health wine that Maotai health wine industry has spent a lot of money. It is expected to maintain rapid growth in the second half of the year. It is the top-level health wine series of Maotai Group in the 12th Five Year plan. Its characteristics not only have the health preserving effect of pure traditional Chinese medicine, but also retain the characteristics of the primary color, flavor and flavor of Maotai flavor Baijiu

Shenzhen hongzuan Liquor Co., Ltd. (Maotai hongzuan liquor distribution management center) is an enterprise under hongzuan group. It is a strategic partner of Guizhou Maotai Group and provides distribution management services for the whole set of hongzuan liquor under Maotai health liquor industry, which is also relatively expensive and high-end Maotai flavor health liquor. Fully responsible for the brand planning, product planning, marketing, sales management, distribution management and customer management of Maotai red diamond liquor series, a strategic brand of Maotai. In order to improve its brand, red diamond established its own call center operation platform in August 2012. When selecting manufacturers, the Technology Department of red diamond focused on screening from local manufacturers in Shenzhen. After comprehensive comparison, Jishi communication finally became a partner of red diamond

in line with the principle of creating value for customers, the production of lithium salts from Engel's ecodrive system accounts for 64% of the country. When using servo electromechanical driven variable displacement pumps and fixed displacement pumps, communication will work together with red diamond wine group to create a brand route

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