The hottest Juye strongly builds a high-end glass

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Juye County takes the development of high-end glass production industries that can meet the requirements as an important starting point to promote structural upgrading and economic growth, and vigorously builds a high-end glass industry base

Xinhe has realized the rapid rise and expansion of industrial production technology, new energy and other emerging industries, and the introduction of the capacity regulation policy for ordinary flat glass, creating a huge development and expansion space for the high-end glass industry. Juye County regards the glass industry as a sunrise industry to promote the development of industrial economy. Relying on the leading enterprise of high-cost building materials, whose fragile packaging constitutes products, Juye County plans to build a glass industry park and vigorously develop high-tech new energy glass products. At present, it has attracted jin'ao glass, Juyuan hengshuo glass, Jurun glass deep processing Jinmeiyu glass and other glass deep-processing projects with large investment scale, high scientific and technological content and strong driving ability, with a total investment of more than 6 billion yuan. The glass industry has achieved great expansion and development from the original glass to coated glass, low radiation double-layer coated glass, ultra white photovoltaic glass and solar photovoltaic ultra white glass

theater hengshuo glass project is mainly engaged in the production and sales of ultra white photovoltaic glass and solar photovoltaic ultra white glass. Among them, solar photovoltaic glass can convert solar energy into electric energy, and photovoltaic glass is the raw material for the production of solar polysilicon panels. At present, these two types of products are new energy products at the forefront of the glass industry. After silver mirror glass and copper free eye glass, jin'ao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed three-dimensional phantom painted glass. This kind of glass adopts 3D three-dimensional phantom glass baking paint, which eliminates the formaldehyde problem in traditional glass. The three-dimensional effect is more than three times that of ordinary glass. It is widely used in animation, film and television and high-end artworks, and the domestic and international market is in short supply

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