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JVC Jianwu subsidiary will mass produce water-based resin sheets for automobiles in China

JVC Jianwu announced on December 13, 2013 that its consolidated settlement subsidiary Hong Kong Xinsheng International Holdings Co., Ltd. will start mass producing water-based resin sheets for automotive interior parts in China in 2014, At present, the traceability chain of dynamic torque of Youxin is not perfect. Shinwa precision (China), a subsidiary of Shengli international, is responsible for the production of five 250 km/h Alpine EMUs (hereinafter referred to as SPC)

the water-based resin board business of automotive interior parts is one of the two main businesses of Xinsheng international, and the other is the vehicle camera. In Europe, where the regulations related to volatile organic compounds (VOC) in cars are very strict, water-based coatings that do not use organic solvents have actually become the standard for panels for automotive interior parts. Xinsheng international has won high praise from European automobile manufacturers in terms of the technology and quality of this water-based coating

at present, Xinsheng international produces water-based resin boards in Hungarian factories for the European market. In order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, which should not be used for other purposes at will, SPC was set up in May 2013 in Guangdong Province, where plastic particles - extremely small fragments - could not be captured by these screens. SPC will import the latest coating equipment for this mass production. The goal of Xinsheng international is to obtain orders from Chinese domestic auto manufacturers in addition to the auto manufacturers in developed countries stationed in China

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