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Junneng chemical Longnan Co., Ltd.: focus on making new highs, forge ahead and forge ahead to create brilliance

release date: Source: Guangdong Paper Industry Association

junneng chemical (Longnan) Co., Ltd. is located in Longnan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, 400 kilometers away from the Pearl River Delta, covering an area of nearly 100 mu. The project involves water-based resins, water-based additives, papermaking additives, liquid dyes and high-performance GMA resins. The annual production capacity is more than 100000 tons. Junneng chemical always adheres to the concept of giving priority to ecological protection, actively performs the main body, scientific organization, fine management, gives play to the driving and radiating role of the project, and promotes the development of local social economy

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looking back on the 22 years since Juneng chemical was founded, thanks to the efforts and dedication of all employees, Juneng chemical has developed into a chemical enterprise with multiple products and devices, and has set up seven manufacturing centers across the country. Juneng chemical (Longnan) Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangxi Province. In these 22 years, junneng chemical has continuously changed its development mode, adjusted its product structure and improved its industrial chain, so as to continuously improve its market competitiveness. Junneng has always adhered to the concept of consolidating technology and practicing internal skills after years of development in product research, so as to ensure the continuous growth of R & D strength

junneng chemical started to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the company's management system, constantly improved rules and regulations, constantly consolidated basic management, and constantly innovated management methods. From the initial complex and cumbersome manual operation to now, it has fully realized DCS control (Longnan factory has fully implemented DCS automatic control); From the initial manual recording of raw materials, product warehousing and capital inflow to now, ERP has been fully realized. The movable beam automatically returns to the initial position at high speed; In order to better improve the management system, professional management companies are specially hired to settle in for management guidance

junneng chemical has always adhered to the concept of green development, and its products are mostly water-based system resins. First, it reduces the pressure of environmental protection, and second, it makes a contribution to promoting the "oil to water" in the industry. In the plant area, a large amount of money has been invested into the industry, doubled for environmental protection treatment, including all natural sewage treatment stations, VOC treatment equipment, etc., so that the three wastes can be treated up to the standard

at the same time, junneng chemical has strict requirements on safety production. The factory regularly overhauls production equipment and fire-fighting equipment, carries out safety production training for employees, and irregularly carries out emergency drills, fire safety drills, etc. Junneng chemical has always adhered to the concept of safe production, environmental protection production and green development

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