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Yesterday, a 16-year-old middle school student who was crushed by the front and rear wheels of a medium-sized agricultural truck was transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward after five days of careful treatment by the medical staff of the West District Hospital of the first municipal hospital. He is in good condition and is gradually recovering

At noon on the 16th, Xiao Li (a pseudonym), a 16-year-old boy from a junior high school in the urban area, was hit by a medium-sized agricultural truck on a road at the junction of urban and rural areas when he was riding home. According to reports, after the truck knocked Xiao Li to the ground, the front and rear wheels rolled over him one after another

"after the child was sent to the hospital, he was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. When we lifted up his clothes, we saw that the scratch on his chest skin was a clear indentation of a car tire." Bao Yang, chief physician of cardiothoracic surgery of the first municipal hospital, told. Seeing this situation, all the medical staff present were beating their hearts. Can their flesh and blood withstand the crushing of a few tons of trucks

to everyone's surprise, from being knocked down and crushed by a truck to being sent to the hospital, Xiao Li has always been in a state of consciousness, and there has been no massive bleeding. This also gave the medical staff a glimmer of hope

after a series of examinations such as film shooting, blood test and electrocardiogram, the situation inside Xiao Li's chest will appear, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased in front of medical staff. Bao Yang Xiang recalled the scenes that appeared on the inspection reports at that time. "The thorax is basically good. Through CT examination, it was found that the top rib was broken first, and then a broken rib was found in the process of treatment; at the same time, it was found that the lung contusion was relatively serious; the liver contusion, a small amount of adrenal hemorrhage, was in the state of hematoma; and then the soft tissue injury of the limbs, was not serious... And at least two specimens should be ductile fracture"

in view of the above situations, The medical staff took first-aid measures one by one. Bao Yang said, "because the child's lungs were injured, the air in the lungs leaked into the chest, which is often called 'pneumothorax'. Fortunately, the amount of 'pneumothorax' was not large, so we decided to put a tube to guide the air out of the chest."

at the same time, the medical staff also installed a ventilator on Xiao Li. "With the ventilator, the child can breathe much more smoothly, but at the same time, it also aggravates the air leakage in the lungs. Fortunately, there is a airway to exhaust in time, which effectively prevents the exacerbation of pneumothorax and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)."

"there is another important point. Although the tissue is squeezed, the damage is often invisible." Bao Yang said, "this is a myocardial injury that is easy to be ignored. It is a kind of blunt injury, which must pass the index examination of myocardial enzyme spectrum." After examination, this index is on the high side, which determines myocardial injury. If not treated in time, it may lead to myocardial necrosis and heart rupture

since the 16th, medical staff have treated Xiao Li's lung and liver contusion, adrenal hematoma and myocardial injury symptomatically

after five days of meticulous care by medical staff, the thermal analysis technology adopted in the second level is mainly differential thermal analysis (DSC) technology. Xiao Li's condition improved day by day. Yesterday morning, he was finally transferred from the intensive care unit to the thoracic surgery ward. Through the glass window, I saw Xiao Li lying in bed in a good mental state. While talking to his family, he stretched out his hands and shook them back and forth. He was very happy

a medical staff told that because the patient can only stay in bed at present, the diet is mainly digestible and high calorie food. "In a few days, he can get out of bed and walk around. Then he can eat a normal diet and eat more nutritious meals."

then, how did Xiao Li recover so quickly after being crushed by the truck? In this regard, Bao Yang explained that because Xiao Li is very young, his chest is very elastic, and will soon retract under the pressure of external forces; Also because he was a young man, his damaged organs soon recovered. In addition, because Xiao Li often exercises, his physique is better, which also makes him less injured. If the elderly or young children encounter the same situation, they may not be so lucky

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