On the 13th, Jiangnan futures had huge pressure on

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On the 13th, Jiangnan Futures: profit adjustment pressure is huge, and the rubber price opened high and went low

during the Chinese holiday, the price of Japanese rubber experienced substantial fluctuations, but finally closed higher than before the holiday. In the past two days, restrained by the pressure of short-term profit taking, the futures price fell slightly. Today's price fluctuated narrowly around 303 yen. As of 15:30 Beijing time, the benchmark July contract was reported at 302.8 yen, Compared with the previous trading day, it fell 0. Use a standard verification device with an accuracy of 3 (5) times better than the tested instrument 9 yen. From the technical graph of Japanese glue, although it is still in the upward trend, after the recent upward trend, the futures price again faces the pressure near the previous high, and tends to converge and oscillate in the short term. The first-line pressure of 310 yen is concerned above, and the support around 295 yen is seen below

on the domestic side, in the last few trading days before the holiday, the futures bulls showed sufficient confidence and continued to intervene in long positions. Although the trend of the external market during the festival is more conducive to bulls, But most of them are American waste recycling company dart contact "Anjianeng classic extreme series and anjianeng classic preferred series show our commitment to deliver customer value innovation in the field of thermal insulation materials. At the same time, the head position of iner proposal also has obvious cashing pressure. Today's 805 contract opened slightly higher and then gradually fell, and then continued the downward trend. Before the end of the day, it was as low as 23860, and finally barely closed at 24000, at 24030 points, down 5 points from the previous trading day. Today, it closed high and opened low The long negative line is mainly due to the flight of short-term profit bulls. There is a certain adjustment pressure in the short term, but further trends need to be observed. If 24000 fails, it may cause a more obvious correction, otherwise it is still strong. In terms of spot price, boosted by the trend of crude oil and gold prices, and supported by the continuous purchasing power of European and American rubber enterprises, the spot price of rubber in Southeast Asia was exceptionally strong during the Chinese festival. The price of cigarette rubber successfully stood at 2700, once close to 2800 US dollars. It is expected that the spot price will continue to be strong due to the overall supply and demand situation of using production to promote use. It is suggested that in the short term, it is not suitable to catch up, but to buy gradually after falling back, and pay attention to controlling positions

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