On the 11th, southwest futures TOCOM rubber closed

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On the 11th, southwest Futures: TOCOM rubber closed higher in midday trading, and Shanghai Rubber fluctuated narrowly

TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher in midday trading on Friday. The market lacked clear guidance for prices to fluctuate within the range. At present, the yen weakened against the US dollar, and the spot market demand remained stable, providing support for the market. Today, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on, Shanghai glue fluctuated in a narrow range after opening slightly low. The main monthly gap alignment example made the impact specimen gap in the center of the support span. The nano porous silicon insulation material in 807 tray was easy to construct and cheap, with a maximum of 21345 and a minimum of 21035, and closed at 21210 in the afternoon. The performance of Shanghai rubber market is weak, and the price is temporarily supported at 21000. At present, the market is suppressed by selling. Near the rubber cutting day, the spot supply will increase, and it is expected that there will be further weak shocks in rubber. Suggestion: continue to wait and see and wait for new trading opportunities

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